ADD Diet Challenge Day 1

5 Apr

Like all good plans, ours did not go off without a hitch.  We forgot about lunch.  The only thing we had was jelly, and Chris didn’t feel a jelly sandwich was filling enough.  I tried to point out that she would be eating more than just a sandwich.  There would also be carrots, grapes, crackers and milk.  He wasn’t convinced.  School bought lunch it was.  I made it clear he would be stopping after work and picking up more lunch stuff.

Other than that hiccup, the day went great!  Grace ate some yummy cinnamon cereal.  Tomorrow she wants to add a sliced up banana to it.  And for dinner, mac and cheese with peas.  That was her favorite.  She ate two bowls and made it very clear we would be buying it again.  For a snack she had all natural yogurt with cherry vanilla granola.  Grace was a happy girl!

On a slightly more embarrassing note, Grace went to school and told her teacher she was on a new diet.  “I’m not allowed to eat as much food anymore.”  Uuuummm, no, honey.  That’s not what’s happening!  I asked her to tell her teacher tomorrow that she can only eat all-natural food from now on.  Yes, I’m afraid her teacher will think we’re starving her, or telling our skinny daughter she’s fat.  Oy, I hope she remembers to clear that up!

She did get in trouble in art class today.  Why?  For not paying attention.  We don’t expect this new diet to work overnight.  Or even in a week or two.  We’re thinking in 2-3 months we’ll finally start seeing some real results.  Either way, it’s here to stay.  There are so many other benefits to eating natural, healthy foods.  Grace just gave us the motivation to make the switch.  Although, Saturday morning she did shoot daggers at me for trying to make her eat a fruit and granola cereal.  That girl was ticked off.  I managed to stuff half a bowl into her, but she put her not-so-tiny foot down and refused to finish it.  Ok.  You win.  Grace gladly accepted a banana and we called a truce.  But that was the only thing she’s refused to eat so far.  Definitely looking forward to tomorrow!


One Response to “ADD Diet Challenge Day 1”

  1. Amanda W. April 5, 2011 at 2:11 am #

    Don’t worry if you have everything everyday. You sound like your motivated to try new changes and be healthier for everyone. its awesome!!

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