ADD Diet Challenge Day 3

7 Apr

Grace is hitting the detox stage. She had a horrible headache in school today.  I feel bad for her, but it’s necessary.  Chris is having lunch with Grace on Friday, he wants to bring her Subway.  Sorry, husband, but no.  They process their meat and I’m not sure about the bread.  Tonight I’ll research some recipes so he can have a special lunch with her.

Tomorrow is my day off.  It will be spent baking bread, making salad dressings and mayonnaise and now whipping up special treats for my kidlets.  Next Saturday Grace is going to a birthday party.  Yup, I will be packing her up some food to take with her.  I will also bake her a cupcake and make frosting so she can have a tasty birthday treat with her friends.  This is starting to stretch me a little thin.

I can’t lie, this is all a lot to take in.  Reading labels, researching, baking, worrying, I’m exhausted!  The bright side is how well Grace is taking all of this.  She doesn’t deal well with change.  Grace likes routine, she likes knowing what to expect.  When you put a kink in her routine, she acts out.  I was expecting a nuclear explosion.  But she’s taking everything in stride.  That girl is downright happy.  Chris, on the other hand, is making me crazy.  He’s the big baby pouting!  He’s the one I have to keep reassuring and placating.  Yeah, he took the loss of his Gedney Pickles pretty hard.  Deal with it.

Please cross your fingers and pray for my salad dressings.  If I can’t make a ranch or an italian dressing that tastes good, I’ll have to allow Chris to buy the ones he likes.  You know, the ones full of chemicals Grace can’t eat.  He’s already cranky over the pickles, oh, and the maple syrup.  Oooooh, that one hurt.


2 Responses to “ADD Diet Challenge Day 3”

  1. Amanda W. April 7, 2011 at 1:45 am #

    you will have to send me some of the natural recipes your trying. i will see what ones i have and email them to you as well. i am so happy she is doing so good with it. Gregory has to have routine too.

  2. ann8healthy April 7, 2011 at 10:37 am #

    I admire you for all you’re doing. You remind us all of what life was like before corporate America told us what to eat [commercials]. Hang in there… I hope Grace’s happiness gives you a boost. Thought I’m sorry to hear about her headache.

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