ADD Diet Challenge Day 4

7 Apr

It was a very productive day!  Went to Grass Roots Co Op and found some wonderful goodies.  I’m going to try some organic shampoo and conditioner.  Half the price of what I usually pay.  Came home and got my apron on.  First up, strawberry jam.


It’s pretty tasty!  No pictures, but I also whipped up a batch of Carson Cookies for Chris and Grace tomorrow.  Next up, two attempts at white bread.  The first batch didn’t rise.  The second came out great, just deformed.  Hopefully, I’ll do a better job next time.  It tastes wonderful, it’s just ugly.  Maybe just a tad doughy in the middle.  I will definitely try the recipe again.  But first I’ll need to pick up more bread flour.  Obviously, this is all trial and error.  I’ll try this one more time, if it doesn’t turn out, it’s time to find a new white bread recipe.

Grace is still doing awesome on this diet.  She hasn’t complained about anything.  She did get one small headache today, but that’s a good sign.  Her body is purging itself.  If you’re wondering if we’ve noticed any changes in her behavior or anything, the answer is no.  Hopefully in a few more weeks.  It all takes time.

It isn’t enough to change your diet, though.  Excercise is also important.  Tonight we went on a bike ride.  Adele is the only one feeling the burn.  She’s passed out on the floor.  Grace ate two bowls of bunny spaghetti O’s (organic) yogurt with granola, and bunny crackers.  Oh, and two glasses of water.  Child is thirsty.


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