ADD Diet Challenge Day 10

14 Apr

Finally!  I am the proud owner of a magazine subscription!  Neither Chris nor I  have had a subscription in years.  Want to know what magazine?   Kiwi Magazine.  It’s all about natural and organic living for parents.  Not long after starting this family on an all-natural diet, I have found myself drawn to living a greener, more eco-friendly life.  Strange, isn’t it?  Well, not really.  Grace has always been interested in Earth Day.  “Glitter” bugs make her angry.  When we go for walks, she picks up all the “glitter” she finds, grumbling to herself every time she picks up an offending piece of trash.  “Glitter hurts the earth!  Didn’t their mothers teach them better?!”

Now that we’re eating all this great food, and I’m researching organic gardening, I’ve wondering what I can do to help Grace with her quest to heal Mama Earth.  Honestly, I think just allowing her to explore, learn, and form her own opinions is the best thing to do.  The Easter Bunny will be bringing Grace her arsenal of gardening supplies and seeds.  A portion of the garden will be set aside just for her.  I will help Grace nuture her plants, learn hands on how to care for those precious seedlings.  Allow her to help me maintain the compost heaps, explaining to her how it helps not only our garden, but her beloved earth.


One Response to “ADD Diet Challenge Day 10”

  1. ann8healthy April 14, 2011 at 11:54 am #

    Grace reminds me of Kayleigh, who used to throw a fit when people released balloons in the air: “The sea animals think it’s food.” Have fun with your garden! I look forward to the photos. 🙂

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