ADD Diet Challenge Day 13

17 Apr

Trader Joe’s Macaroni Bites, spring salads and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part 1!  Well, I’m not eating the Macaroni Bites, but the kiddies are.  Oh, and as for the grass fed beef, it tasted just like normal beef.  Won’t be buying that again.

Now, changes, they are a-beginning.  We haven’t had any tantrums.  We are seeing improvement in Grace’s handwriting.  She’s still getting the occasional headaches, and she’s a little more emotional than usual.  But no tantrums!  Peanut comes home from school and does her homework without any complaining, and she doesn’t mess around wasting time doing it.  We are really pleased so far.

Grace is also taking this healthy eating seriously.  She wants to drink lots of water so she can stay healthy.  Reprimands Daddy if he forgets her vitamins, and even reads ingredients.  Ok, she doesn’t really know what she’s looking for, but she tries to make sure she’s eating natural food.  I love that little girl!

Tomorrow I may try making some cinnamon pecan bread.  The recipe was given to my by the lovely Angela.  Chris desperately wants to try some recipes for The Stone Soup, but finds himself overwhelmed by all the recipes.  They all sound too good.  The rest of tonight will be spent painting the kitchen.  Good night!


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