ADD Diet Challenge Day 14

18 Apr

Trader Joe’s makes good pulled pork!  It was great with corn and fruit salad.  Which was the perfect dinner after a long, productive day.  Most of the kitchen and dining room have been painted Home Song green.  Beautiful color.  A very soft, gentle green.  I did way more laundry than any one person should.

Then there was the yard.  Chris took down a very large dead pine.  I removed stumps.  Met my match with a very stubborn crab tree.  Yep, that one will be staying awhile.  Obviously, digging through the dirt, I found lots of worms.  Grace, who’s terrified of ants, (blame that on Chris and teaching her about fire ants) was beside herself with glee.  She started collecting them in a jar.  Eventually she stole my trowel and began searching for them on her own.  Grace was bubbling with excitement about using them for her compost heap.  I explained to her we weren’t ready to start one yet, but she wouldn’t listened.

Little lady started pontificating on people and waste.  How rude and hurtful it is to earth.  How everyone needs to learn to recycle, compost and donate.  I let her go.  It’s so cute listening to a righteous six year old.  When it was time to go in for dinner, she did let the worms go.  She didn’t want them to starve while waiting to join the compost heap.


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