ADD Diet Challenge Day 17

21 Apr

Have you watched Food Inc.?  Chris and I are going to watch it together this weekend.  I started watching it last night, and then shut it off.  It was pretty disturbing.  Also, I really think it’s something we should watch together.  It’s a bit terrifying.

Grace picked up trash at school today.  She loved it so much, she smuggled her plastic gloves out and brought them home.  We went out into the yard and picked up every piece of glitter we could find.  “If we pick up glitter every day, it will keep the earth clean and shiny.”  Then it started to rain, I practically had to drag her into the house.  G kept ranting about how there was still more to pick up, we can’t just leave it out there.  I had to promise her we’d do it again tomorrow.

Want a behavioral update?  Grace is sleeping better and more soundly.  Still no tantrums.  We’ve had the occasional dust up, but they end within seconds.  Her energy levels seem to be evening out.  I don’t really know how to explain that.  Grace still gets hyper, but not as much as she usually does.  She’s calmer, more relaxed.  Weird change?  She’s more open.  I mean, she started Sunday school last week, and she confided in us that she was really nervous.  Normally, Grace isn’t that direct.  Something bothers her, she talks in crazy, confusing circles for what feels like twenty minutes before she finally gets to the point.  I don’t know where that change is coming from, but it feels like she’s starting to focus her emotions better.  Maybe I’m crazy.

Ok, about the picture I’m posting.  Remember I had to make Grace cupcakes for school and a birthday party?  I was wishing I had one of those nifty cupcake tupperware containers.  You know, so the frosting wouldn’t get all over the place, and it was easier to take out.  So I just flipped one over.  Ta da!


2 Responses to “ADD Diet Challenge Day 17”

  1. J9 May 1, 2011 at 11:15 am #

    The diet makes so much sense. After no weight loss on Nutrisystem for a month, I switched to this diet and lost 2 lbs. day 1 – I’m only on Day 2 now, so we’ll see if this keeps up.
    What’s better is that I got to cook my own food instead of eating horrible processed foods in cardboard. My only problem is that I ordered it here when I could have ordered it from the diet’s home site for 1/3 the cost…live and learn. I highly recommend the diet and I also highly recommend shopping around. It’s a hard book to find, but try the website by the same name.

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