ADD Diet Challenge Day 18

22 Apr

Today was a Quiet Day.  Why?  The puppy was spayed today.  Adele has done nothing but snooze and stare.  She really wants to sleep, but wakes up every time you move.  And then you feel guilty.  When I walked into the vet to pick her up, I heard this pathetic dog whining at the top of its lungs.  I knew it was my pup right away.  Adele has a very distinctive voice.  Hopefully she feels better tomorrow.

For Easter, I’m no longer making the sourdough bread.  There simply isn’t enough time on Sunday.  Instead, I’ll be making Italian Herb Bread. I think it’ll taste better with the roasted tomatoes. Also, I’m going to try shaping the rice crispies into a bunny.  The recipe for the marshmallows is from Smitten Kitchen. I used this recipe two years ago and it came out wonderful. I drizzled chocolate over them and sprinkled some crushed peppermint candy canes on them. So delicious! Incredibly easy to make, but suuuuper messy. There was marshmallow everywhere.

Did you know Mother’s Day is fast approaching?  That really took me by surprise.  For some reason, I thought I had at least another month.  Wrong!  The good new is, I’ve already found what I want.  Well, what I’m going to strongly suggest my lovies to get me. Sprout Wellness products.  These are organic/raw lotions and cleansers.  Oh, and there’s lip balm.  They even have a vegan lip balm.  Their sugar body scrub has only three ingredients.  Same with the face exfoliant!   Dead sea salt, oat flour, and almond meal.  That’s it.  Amazing, yes?  Mama needs a little pampering.


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