ADD Diet Challenge Day 24

27 Apr

I just realized I’ve lost track of what day I’m on with this diet.  My last post was for day 20, but I think it was actually day 22.  Oh well!  Grace has been complaining of tummy aches.  Usually in the morning and at bedtime.  Not sure what the cause is.  Her appetite is just fine, which is good.  At night, I have her drink some water and she says it helps.  I would say it could be the vitamins and the Omega, but she complains as soon as she wakes up.  Could it still be the detoxing?  As long as she’s still eating, I won’t worry.

The dog is another matter.  Adele has been diagnosed as emotionally fragile at the tender age of six months.  Since the day we brought her home, it’s been nothing but frustration and endless vet visits.  She constantly has diarrhea.  Multiple bacterial infections, food allergies, and piddle.  Adele is extremely submissive.  If you so much as look at her cross-eyed, she will pee.  We’ve tried building her confidence, and that has helped.  She sleeps in the bedroom now, which has also helped.  But she still has accidents if she thinks you’re mad at her.  If you move in a way she can’t interpret, or if you use a tone of voice that might sound angry.  On Thursday, she was spayed, so she’s been wearing a cone.  We’ve also been keeping her in a puppy playpen in the living room, like the vet said to do, to keep her from running and jumping.  This weekend Adele started throwing up.  Then yesterday we noticed blood in her poo.  Back to the vet.  She told us that, based on all the past history, and the recent spaying, Adele is just really sensitive.  This will be a lifelong problem for her.  There really isn’t anything we can do.  So they gave us prescriptions for k-pectin and a pro-biotic to give her whenever the vomiting/bloody stool/diarrhea appears, or anytime we think they could appear. Adele is a delicate, fragile little ball of fur.

My dad says Adele is lucky we’re the ones that picked her. That a lot of people would’ve gotten rid of her by now rather than deal with all the health issues. The sad thing is, he’s right. But, the way we look at it, if we haven’t gotten rid of Grace for the headaches she gives us, why would we give Adele away? She’s a part of this family. Sure, Adele’s a nervous ball of fluff, but she’s our nervous ball of fluff. We’ll do whatever we have to to make her happy and healthy. We ain’t no quitters!


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