ADD Diet Challenge Day 33

7 May

Today is Grace’s 7th birthday!  I baked that chocolate Guinness cake.  It was…ok.  The problem with the recipe is that all measurements are shown in ounces.  So, 9 1/2 oz. flour.  Not easy, people, not easy.  The flavor was good, the texture was off.  I need to find a conversion chart before I attempt this recipe again.  I won’t write off a recipe until I’ve attempted it a few times.  Some just need a little tweaking.

This weekend is the Living Green Expo.  Anyone going?  There will be tons of arts and crafts projects for kids.  I will be attending an organic composting seminar.  There were a few others that looked promising, too.  Grace is sooooo excited.  She’s hoping to learn all kinds of new ways to help the earth.  Chris took down the hawk coop today, and he might attempt the chicken coop tomorrow.  He’s a little afraid of it.  There’s a whole lotta poo in that there coop.  I’ve already made it clear I won’t be helping.  I have my limits.

Fortunately, he will be clearing out a spot for a small garden tomorrow.  Grace and I are impatient to start planting some veggies.  Chris will also be clearing a spot to set up the compost bin.  Little Lady told him he will also be helping her collect worms.  She can be a bit demanding.  I can’t really blame her.  There have been so many obstacles to getting our garden and composting started.  Weather, coops, trees and miscellaneous garbage from the previous owners.  I am so happy to have a husband like Chris.  Who recognizes our need to grow something beautiful.  He has a lot of other projects that require his attention, but he’s putting them on hold until we get our seeds in the ground.  I love my family!

Do any of you have plans for Mother’s Day?  I was going to drag my two favorite people to a yarn festival, but I think the Expo will be way more fun for all of us.  Crafts and knowledge, what can be better than that?


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