ADD Diet Challenge Day Whatever

19 May

Today was a better day.  We spent the evening reading, and then she asked to go to bed early.  Her tummy wasn’t feeling good.  Alright, Creepy, it’s your choice.  She made me a book for Mother’s Day, and in it she wrote that her favorite thing to do was read with me.  That makes my heart happy.  So simple.  Reading together, spending quiet moments together is all it takes to make her happy.  Even movie nights make her burst with joy.  Just the three of us, eating popcorn and watching the movie of her choice.  Curled up in the living room.  Together as family, the way it should be.

You know, I really wonder if Grace’s ADD/ADHD symptoms are from the artificial dyes, preservatives and processed foods.  As in, if she had always been eating these healthy foods, would those symptoms have ever been there?  How many kids would never be diagnosed if they never ate those types of food?  It astounds Chris and I how much of difference this lifestyle change has made.  Not just for Grace, but for the two of us as well.  I am sleeping better and Chris isn’t quite so stubborn.  (Don’t you dare tell him I said that!)  It just makes you wonder how many kids truly have ADD/ADHD and how many just need a healthier diet.  We are too quick to diagnose and medicate our children.  We are too easily lured by easy answers and quick fixes.  Children deserve better.

I have decided to take a break from reading, myself.  Tonight, I will be knitting and watching Men Of A Certain Age.  We didn’t have cable when that show first came out, and I almost cried.  I love Scott Bakula and Andre Braugher.  Ray Romano can be pretty darn funny, too.  All three in the same show?  To me that can only be magic.


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