ADD Diet Challenge Day 46

20 May

Hey look!  I finally counted!  Today was a great day.  Grace did her homework with no problems.  Afterwards, we watched a little bit of The Guardians of Ga’Hoole.  She has been wanting to see that movie for a really long time.  I made the mistake of telling her Owl City sings a couple songs for it.  I have to say, the animation is incredible.  We read a little Harry Potter for our bedtime story.  Great night.  The Burger seems to have finally worked itself out of her system.  Thank.  God.

I was forced to purchase a book from the Dog Whisperer.  How To Raise The Perfect Dog.  Adele is driving us crazy.  Sure, she’s emotionally fragile, but there’s only so much we can take.  We’ve decide that, like Lil’Creepy, we just have to find the right way to reach her.  Adele really isn’t your regular dog.  You have to be so careful how you approach, how you speak to her, and how you look at her.  Talk to me Cesar Millan, help me help our dog!  Adele is so sweet and so pretty, but I may have to strangle her soon.  And then Grace would call the police on me.  “That’s not how we treat animals, mommy!”


One Response to “ADD Diet Challenge Day 46”

  1. ann8healthy May 20, 2011 at 10:50 am #

    Glad to hear Grace is feeling better!

    Gotta love books about training dogs. We had a problem with Finnegan when he was a puppy. After a year, a book helped me figure out that he was a pack dog and our other dog was a herding dog, which created conflict. I wish you success!

    Great photos!

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