Day 47 Not About Grace

21 May

Ok, well, not totally about Grace.  She was fantastic today.  I helped her do some tumbling and walk on her hands around the living room.  Her school had a family picnic for lunch today.  Chris made them sammiches, and I had to work.  Really wish I could’ve been there!

We are trying some new training techniques with Adele.  She is hating it.  Now that we’re laying down the law and making it clear who’s alpha of the pack, she’s decided to pretend she’s deaf.  Basically, we are starting completely from scratch.  At least, that’s what Adele is making it feel like.  Well fine, if that’s the way you want it, fluff butt, that’s the way it’s going to be.  Cesar Millan has some really great advice and tips.  After reading, we have come to the shameful realization that a lot of her problems are our fault.  The separation anxiety?  Chris started letting her sleep in the bedroom.  That’s why she gets so upset when left alone now.  The anxiety from car rides?  My fault.  She whines, drools, and throws up.  So, I let her sit in my lap, I pet her, baby talk to her.  My actions told her that her feelings of anxiety where what she was supposed to be feeling.  See?  It’s our fault.

That’s ok, none of this are impossible to fix.  We also think in the next year or so we will have to get another dog.  We used to watch my parent’s dog Brutus (I love to refer to him as Bad Brutus) fairly regularly.  What we noticed is how much happier and calmer Adele was when he was around.  I think she’s just one of those dogs that needs an animal companion.  More than likely we’ll adopt a companion, but that’s in the future.  We have to get Adele under control first.  I got one of those clickers to help with positive reinforcement.  Oh my word, I hope this works!


One Response to “Day 47 Not About Grace”

  1. ann8healthy May 21, 2011 at 11:31 am #

    Thank goodness for dog training books! It’s never too late to start over with the training. Our pup was one when I finally figured out his problem. Good luck with Adele!

    That family picnic at school sounds so fun!

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