Day 49

23 May

After weeks of searching, we finally found some all-natural sausage links.  The flavor was great, but Chris and I really missed the grease.  The Food Dictator deemed them excellent, so we’ll be buying them again.  (The Food Dictator would be Grace, if you weren’t sure.)  Decided to have tacos tonight.  Then we realized we didn’t have taco seasoning!!!  I found a recipe online, thankfully I had all required ingredients.  It was phenomenal.  Everyone here highly recommends it.  After dinner, it was time for a walk.  Grace decided she wanted to ride her bike.  She was swerving, singing and sightseeing.  G stopped to collect leaves, take in the scenery, mock us, and just had a really great time.

This has been such a long, tiring week.  I just have to get through one more six day work week, and then I’m off for eight entire days.   My Kelly’s family will be up, Grace is really excited to meet her cousins.  I was determined to have at least one blanket knitted by the time they arrived, but I have failed miserably.  There’s just been so much going on and I am exhausted.  Adele is not liking the new training, but there has been some small improvements here and there.  As long as she doesn’t knock down the little cousins, I’ll be happy.  Adele isn’t much of a jumper, but little kids get her really excited.  They are usually sticky and covered in crumbs.

That’s all you’re getting out of me.  We had a great day, but I am totally out of energy.  I had a lot of other things I wanted to share, but they have slipped into the foggy recesses of my brain.  Here, enjoy some pictures.


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