Diet Challenge Success

30 May

We’ve decided this diet challenge was a success.  Grace’s teacher contacted us this week out of the blue to inform us how wonderful she’s been in class lately.  She’s doing better with her school work and seems to be more focused in class.  Add that to her behavior at home, and we have a success on our hands.  Lil’G has been nothing but happy since we changed our eating habits.  We created a Food Dictator who lectures us on food choices.  (Chris got quite the earful after eating Subway last weekend) I feel we accomplished exactly what we set out to do.  Help Grace without medication.  That doesn’t mean she won’t need any in the years to come, but at least we’ve put that off for the time being.  Thank you to all our supportive family and friends!

We spent all of yesterday working in the yard.  Chris got a burn permit so we could finally be rid of our eight piles of branches.  My forehead is burnt.  The fire was so insanely hot; Grace wasn’t allowed to help.  Instead, she pulled out her wagon, filled a backpack with treasures, tied Adele to it and took off on her own.  That’s the beauty of owning over an acre of land.  Grace knows I’m an overprotective crazy person who freaks out if I don’t know where she is.  Grace created her own GPS.  Grace Positioning System.  She tied sleigh bells around her waist and set off exploring.  I knew where she was at all times.  You have no idea how comforting the sound of sleighs bells can be.  Creepy jingled all over the place; Adele had no choice but to follow.  Luckily, Adele didn’t seem to mind.

Every last pile of branches is gone.  We have our yard back!  The garden is still standing empty and the chicken coop is mocking me.  Yard work is never-ending.  But we’re making progress.  Hopefully Ron drank a beer for me yesterday as I was too tired to consume one myself.  Getting out of bed was nearly impossible for the husband and I, our muscle were in the midst of a mutiny.  After several minutes, we prevailed.  Not exactly the relaxing weekend I was looking forward to, but at least it was productive.

Grace is now teaching Adele how to clean her room.  When she’s done, she will excitedly begin reading her new Judy Moody book.  Mama will be knitting and fighting off sleep.  I hope you all had a great weekend.  These parents will be off to bed early.  We ain’t no fools.


One Response to “Diet Challenge Success”

  1. up2knowgood May 31, 2011 at 12:17 am #

    I did indeed drink at least one beer for you yesterday…and one today. The rest were for me.

    Don’t tell Chris, but I have a lifelong friend whose hobby is rebuilding ancient diesel engines. He’s done some beautiful work.

    Keep up the great work! We’re visiting with our ‘little girl’ today. 🙂

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