I Need Another Day Off

18 Jul

My only day off and how do I spend it? Doing manual labor. I hauled paver bricks and dirt. Chris is building a paver patio for my parents. Did I mention the heat index was 110 degrees? To say we were sweaty is an understatement. My brother in law looked like he’d dumped a bucket of water on himself. Chris couldn’t stop sweating even in the air conditioning. I cracked the whip and made them keep working. I’m not known for my compassion. We worked for hours and it isn’t even close to being done. Tomorrow the boys will start laying and cutting pavers. We are now sitting in the blessed air conditiong, eating french silk pie. Oh, how wonderful it feels!

Lil’G is one lucky little girl. She’s spending the week up north with my inlaws. So. Not. Fair! It’s been two years since Chris and I have been able to go to the cabin. I am so jealous, I can’t see straight. Not only did I slave on my day off, I have to work the next six days. Plus overtime. Let’s not even talk about how hot it’s supposed to be this week. Suffice it to say, I’m going to be melting like a popsicle. Grace is having a great time. She’s collecting “nature”, going for boat rides, and eating more than her tummy can comfortably hold. I need a vacation like that.

My goal today had been grocery shopping, knitting, and finally reading A Game Of Thrones. None of that was accomplished. Now all I want is to sit on the couch, watch Castle, and tease the puppies. The ladies are enjoying Frosty Paws. Indy has more on her face than in her tummy. At least we know she likes them!


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