Just Eat It

8 Aug

Little G had a very productive morning.  She got up early, swept the kitchen and dining room, cleaned the table, dusted the living room and did work in her math book.  Then she woke us up and politely demanded breakfast.  You see, Grace wants a Nintendo DS.  We won’t buy her one.  But we did tell her if she worked hard, did some chores around the house and yard, we would give her an allowance.  That way, she could earn money and buy the DS herself.  We really want to teach Grace the joy of working hard, saving money, and buy the things she wants herself.  We don’t want to raise a spoiled, irresponsible, entitled little girl.  Wish us luck!!  Trust me, we’re going to need it.  I do feel the need to point out that she willing chose to study her math, no prompting from us.  That might be due to the fact that we’ve always put an emphasis on education.  The brain is a muscle and needs to be exercised, just like any other muscle.

The rest of the afternoon was spent wrangling up four puppies.  Yeah, that’s right, four puppies.  My parents were out-of-town for the weekend so we watched Bad Brutus and Ivan The Terrible for them.  It was…..trying.  I mean, Ivan and Brutus are sooooo cute and funny.  But four young pups in one house is just a whole lotta dog.  Taking them potty, chasing them out of each others food dishes, separating disagreements, you get the idea.  I did love it when Brutus and Ivan would curl up in my lap and snooze.  Brutus pretty much didn’t leave my lap, which I loooooved.  Luckily, they didn’t destroy the house and there was only one potty accident.  And all the puppies survived.  What more could we ask for?

Dinner was a new recipe. Parmesan Chicken with spaghetthi sauce I made up as I went, and angel hair pasta. Simply Recipes is a really great food blog I just came across. Tomorrow I’m going to make some blueberry muffins with a recipe I found there. The chicken was fantastic! It is definitly one that I would make again. Chris and Grace both had second helpings. We are now parked on the couch rubbing our overly full bellies. For dessert we’re having some frozen yogurt. Well, if we can find room in our tummies we’re having frozen yogurt. It isn’t looking too good right now.

After Grace goes to bed, Chris and I will pass the night watching season 2 of Castle.  I love Nathan Fillion.  Any of you Firefly fans?  That is our favorite show, we watch it all the time.  I really wish they’d make another Firefly movie.  I miss Capt. Mal.  I hope all of you had a great weekend.  If you’ll excuse me, my tummy needs a little more rubbing….


One Response to “Just Eat It”

  1. up2knowgood August 8, 2011 at 1:13 am #

    Firefly rocks! Kayleigh lent us her box set so we could get ‘educated’. It was great! Great post too. I see you have mastered the links. Good job!

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