I Like Bread And Butter

18 Aug

Started the night off right!  Made G a strawberry slushy.  Just put ice, strawberries and a little sugar in the blender.  Simple and tasty.  Then, I made some chocolate zucchini bread. I’ve made this recipe before, trust me,  it’s divine.  Moist and chocolately and so easy to make. I made some butter to go with it. A pint of cream and a little salt in a food processor. Viola! Butter! G plans on having toast with jam and butter for breakfast tomorrow. Good choice little one.




Yesterday me and the husband celebrated eight years of marriage.  I can’t believe we even remembered!  It’s amazing how quickly time passes.  Sometimes it feels like we’ve been married for decades, other times, it feels like just a few years.  I love that man.  I also loved waking up to flowers.



Grace got new shoes for school.  They’re made by Keen, made from recycled and eco-friendly material.  That’s my girl!  She is so excited for school to start, she asks almost everyday when she gets to go meet her new teacher.  She has all her school supplies and new clothes, G is ready to go!  I can’t believe she’s already in second grade.  I wish time would slow down, I wish she wouldn’t grow so fast.  It’s like I’m holding a fistful of sand, the harder I squeeze, the quicker it slips away.  I think I’ll hug her extra tight tonight.  Just because I can.





One Response to “I Like Bread And Butter”

  1. up2knowgood August 18, 2011 at 1:18 am #

    Very sweet blog. Happy Anniversary!

    Don’t worry, kids may grow older… but they’re fun at all ages.

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