Let It Snow

6 Dec

Today was a great day.  It didn’t start off feeling like a great day, but it was.  Grace and I got up, ate blueberry waffles, and watched some Madeline.  Then we wandered off to A+ (school daycare).  To my immense displeasure, I discovered that I was supposed to have dropped G off by 9:00.  It was almost 10 when I got there.  I somehow missed the part about there being a field trip today.  Needless to say, Grace was disappointed.  And so was I.  After a grueling six day work week, I was looking forward to a day off, spent entirely in my pajamas.  Well, we drove home, tossing out possibilities for the day.  We settled on Grace playing outside with Adele when we got home.  Which she did, for an hour.  I made lunch and she finished her homework.  We both took naps, which I desperately needed, I haven’t been feeling good.  Then we baked cookies, making a huge mess and giggling the entire time.  Grace got quiet and dropped a sweet little bomb, “You know what mama?  I’m glad I didn’t go to A+ today.  I always have the best days with you.”  I may have teared up a bit.  Chris came home from work while we destroyed the kitchen with frosting and sprinkles.

The good day didn’t end there!  Next up, daddy and G made a gingerbread house.  If I thought the cookies were messy, they were nothing compared to the house.  I loved watching my husband with a decorating bag in hand!  We will be sweeping up sprinkles for weeks.  Grace put cookies in a bag and wrote a letter to Ella Snowflake, her little shelf elf.  She wanted to make sure she was sending enough cookies to Santa.  Best.  Day.  Ever.  Because it was unexpected, and simple, and exactly what we needed without knowing it.  We didn’t spend money, or go someplace cool.  We stayed home and just spent time together.  Baking, laughing, and making a huge mess.  I love days like this.  It’s one I’ll be thinking of and cherishing for a very long time.


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