Mommy And Me

21 Feb

We started baking before we’d even changed out of our pajamas.  Snickerdoodles were the chosen recipe.  They are delicious.  Grace had to make some extra large ones for Daddy.  We’ve eaten most of them already!

That darn middle cookie tipped back right as I took the picture.  I didn’t feel like readjusting and taking the picture again.  After the cookies, Grace ran wild outside for awhile.  She was really hoping the horses were out, alas, they were not.  She still had fun marching through the mud.

After lunch and a short nap, we skipped on over to paint some pottery.  Grace chose a stack of Easter bunnies.  There were some creative differences, (I wanted the bunnies to have pink noses and G wanted multi colored noses was one) but we had a lot of fun.  I think the bunnies turned out pretty nice.

We came home, ate cookies and watched The Princess And The Frog.  Chris is currently making us meatloaf and helping G with her homework.  Today was a really nice day!


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