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Magically Delicious

27 Feb

Sundays are the best days.  They are the only days we have together, all three of us.  We started it with homemade blueberry pancakes.  I make a double batch and freeze the extras.  They’re great warmed up.  Sorry, no pictures, I’m not at my best in the mornings!

Next up, Grace and I made Apple Pie Cookies!  Oh my goodness, they are delicious!  We didn’t make any changes, unless you count G dumping sugar over some of them.  They were crunchy and super fantastic.  The recipe was easy to follow, and not too terribly time consuming.  The cookies only need about 30 minutes to bake in our oven.  Plus, it’s great for little helpers.  G dunked the apple slices in the spices and “spinkled” sugar over them.  So wonderful!


For dinner, it was Buttermilk Roast Chicken.  Mixed the brine last night, and it smelled so good.  It smelled even better this morning.  This recipe was easy and so quick!  The chicken only takes 30 minutes to cook, which is good when there are hungry kids (and boys) involved.  Served it with mashed potatoes and gravy.  The chicken was moist and oh so flavorful.

                                                                         (my brother in law, Danny!)


Everything was absolutely yummy.  I love Smitten Kitchen’s recipes.  They are always fun and delicious.   Baking is one of my favorite hobbies.  I love making food that my family enjoys, but I especially love it when Grace is able to help me.  It’s great Mommy And Me time, and it makes her so happy to help.  G puts on her apron and chef’s hat and hops onto a chair.  Seeing her smile, hearing her laugh….nothing compares to that.  I hope she always want to bake with me.  Even when I’m old and lame!



Hair Brained

6 Jan

ImageThere’s been a whole lotta knittn’ going on.  Unfortunately, I didn’t take pictures.  At least not with my camera.  Blankets, sweater, hat, cowl and dress!  Not really sure where this sudden creative drive is coming from, but I like it!!!  Currently, I’m knitting a hooded vest for Grace.  There are so many cables, I almost put my needle through my eye.  Thankfully, I’m done with those and am working on the very easy body.  The pattern is Paprika and I’m too lazy to link it.  While there is a lot of cables, it’s a very easy and beautiful pattern.  I’m using acrylic yarn, nothing fancy.  It’s for a seven year old.  I need it to be sturdy, machine washable, and I don’t want to cry when she ruins it.  And yes, she will ruin.  Again, Grace is seven!  It happens.

When I’m not knitting, I’m making hair bows.  Yup, I have a new crafty obsession.  My nights are filled with yarn and ribbon.  Overall, bows are quick and easy.  Glue guns can be cruel, malicious devils, but they get the job done.  I made quite a few as Christmas gifts, and there were some very happy little girls.  These babies are great for last minute gifts.  I totally forgot about G’s Christmas party at school, I made four in under two hours.  See?  They’re fantastic.

Other than that, life has been very quiet.  We’ve been spending most nights playing games like Spot It, Blokus and Headbands.  It’s so wonderful having Chris home at night.  G has been so much happier, both at home and at school.  She loves being a real family.

Well, that’s all from me kids!  I hope you’re all having an amazing start to the new year.  Any resolutions?  Mine is to eat more chocolate.



A Special Thank You

24 Nov

Tomorrow, as we all know, is Thanksgiving. So, I want to share with you what I am most thankful for. That just so happens to be our parents. I am lucky to have the best parents and in-laws a person could ever ask for. Everything we have, we owe to them. They have supported, motivated, held us accountable, pushed, and loved us, whatever we needed, whatever was necessary. Because of our parents, we got Chris through college, paid off bills, and last year, we bought a house. We have built an amazing life for our daughter, because of our parents. We have become people we can be proud of. Not just as individuals, but as a couple, and most importantly, as parents.

Their strength and love have seen us through our darkest days. Though we have weathered the storm, our parents are still right beside us, ready and willing to help. We can never say thank you enough. I hope they know how much they mean to us. So, to my parents, Shawn and Kelly, and my in-laws, John and Mary, we love, respect and appreciate you so very, very much.

I hope all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Don’t be ashamed to pop the button on your pants if you eat too much!!!



Serve Immediately

15 Aug

Baked an apple pie yesterday. It was superb. I used this recipe for the crust. Again, it was superb!  Don’t believe me?

Even Grace needed a picture!  After the pie was out of the oven, it was off to the Game Fair.  Nothing too interesting happened there.  Grace shot a clay pigeon with a sling shot, that was pretty cool.  The pups were on their best behavior.  Although we did learn they are water snobs.  They refused to drink out of water bowls unless they were filled with fresh water.  Prissy, prissy!  They crashed as soon as we walked in the door.  Which we appreciated, we were able to eat our pie in peace.  Yeah, none of us wanted to wait until after dinner for a slice, where’s the fun in that?  Chris and G went out and shot her BB gun.  Since I’m intelligent, I stayed inside, away from the seven year old with a gun.  Papa didn’t raise no fool!

Tonight, I made Chicken Florentine Pesto Pasta.  It was phenomenal!  The only thing I changed, was I added garlic salt.  There’s no such thing as too much garlic salt.  All three of us cleaned our plates.  The plan was to have a slice of pie after, but…..our tummies are a little full.  It’s doubtful I’ll eat anything else tonight.  But I might do a little more baking tonight.  At Trader Joe’s today, I picked up some brownie mix and mini peanut butter cups.  It’s back to work for me tomorrow and I have a feeling I’m going to need all the chocolate I can get my grubby hands on.  Have you had Trader Joe’s mini pb cups?  They’re little pieces of heaven.  I’m starting to drool just thinking about them!

Now I’m going to sit back and relax.  Probably alternate between rubbing my belly and knitting.  I’m making G a Tiny Tea Leaves Cardigan.  I could link the pattern, but I’m much too lazy.  I’m using Cascade 220 heathers in a gorgeous dark purple.  G-funk is really excited, she loves it when I knit things for her.  I’ve been rolling around the idea of making some reusable sandwich and snack bags.  There are a lot out there, but they’re a little pricey for my taste.  Chris is always complaining about buying ziplock bags, we have lunch containers for G, but they don’t make lunch bags big enough to hold it all if you use them.  Maybe that’s our fault.  We like her to have a drink, sandwich, fruit, veggie and a snack.  That’s a whole lotta ziplock bags/containers.  Maybe reusable bags are the choice for us?

Wildflowers And Butterflies

9 Aug

Baked some delicious blueberry muffins. They were wonderful! I sprinkled them with cinnamon and sugar before popping them in the oven. The smell was amazing. We ate them before they were fully cooled. Oh, these will be made again. I really enjoyed the hint of lemon. The muffins weren’t too dense, and not at all dry. Truly a great recipe. This weekend I will be baking an apple pie. Who doesn’t enjoy a slice of warm apple pie? I don’t know who’s more excited, Chris or Grace. Those two love my pies. My greatest joy is watching my feal enjoy something I’ve made from scratch. My next adventure will a be a dye-free red velvet cake. Chris has pointed out that it should be called a velvet cake, since it won’t be red. I’m determined to find the perfect birthday cake recipe. Something tells me a velvet cake is exactly what I’m looking for.

When Grace came home, we grabbed our cameras and headed outside. (After she ate a muffin, of course!) We walked around the yard taking pictures of flowers, bees and butterflies. Grace has really gotten into photography. She loves taking pictures of herself, the pups and anything she finds interesting. I love looking through the memory card after. It’s interesting to see what catches her eye. She picked flowers on our way back in, and put them in a vase. Grace read Judy Moody while I made us dinner. Orange chicken and white rice. That little girl had three helpings! Growth spurt! She won’t fit into any of her back-to-school clothes. Grace picked out a Captain Recycle shirt. Big surprise, right?


You Bugs Can Bite Me

4 Aug

Grace got stung/bit by something on her forehead Saturday night.  By Sunday evening, both eyes were starting to shut.  Let’s just say, after a run to Urgent Care, getting the prescription filled, and then coming home and medicating G, it was almost midnight when we finally got her into bed.  Monday morning her face was so swollen she could barely open her eyes.  Today was her first day back at her summer program.  (Daycare if you want to call it that)  Her poor face is mainly normal.  The Prednisone mixed with Benadryl made her quite cantankerous.  It was almost more than I could take!

Speaking of her summer program.  They went on a field trip today to Grand Slam.  Local arcade.  What they failed to mention to us parents is that the kids weren’t allowed to bring their lunches.  All kids ate hot dogs and had either soda or water.  I was NOT happy.  Had we known they were going to make everyone eat that nasty food, we wouldn’t have had G go.  We have explained to them and filled out paperwork stating that Grace can only have food brought from home or that is all natural.  Really, really, really unhappy.

Things weren’t much better once we got home.  Did you know it’s hard to make spaghetti without spaghetti sauce?  Thankfully I found small jar of spaghetti sauce and a can of tomato sauce in the cupboard.  Seasoned it as I went.  And you know what?  It turned out pretty dang tasty if I do say so myself.  For dessert there are two options.  Some all-natural Ben & Jerry’s ice cream I found or some incredibly yummy banana bread.  Here’s the link for the recipe:  WordPress won’t allow to make a super cool link, the jerks.

Well, that’s about as interesting as it gets around here.  I have otherwise been knitting and reading.  Finished A Game Of Thrones and am now working on A Clash Of  Kings.  Very interesting books so far!

Diet Challenge Success

30 May

We’ve decided this diet challenge was a success.  Grace’s teacher contacted us this week out of the blue to inform us how wonderful she’s been in class lately.  She’s doing better with her school work and seems to be more focused in class.  Add that to her behavior at home, and we have a success on our hands.  Lil’G has been nothing but happy since we changed our eating habits.  We created a Food Dictator who lectures us on food choices.  (Chris got quite the earful after eating Subway last weekend) I feel we accomplished exactly what we set out to do.  Help Grace without medication.  That doesn’t mean she won’t need any in the years to come, but at least we’ve put that off for the time being.  Thank you to all our supportive family and friends!

We spent all of yesterday working in the yard.  Chris got a burn permit so we could finally be rid of our eight piles of branches.  My forehead is burnt.  The fire was so insanely hot; Grace wasn’t allowed to help.  Instead, she pulled out her wagon, filled a backpack with treasures, tied Adele to it and took off on her own.  That’s the beauty of owning over an acre of land.  Grace knows I’m an overprotective crazy person who freaks out if I don’t know where she is.  Grace created her own GPS.  Grace Positioning System.  She tied sleigh bells around her waist and set off exploring.  I knew where she was at all times.  You have no idea how comforting the sound of sleighs bells can be.  Creepy jingled all over the place; Adele had no choice but to follow.  Luckily, Adele didn’t seem to mind.

Every last pile of branches is gone.  We have our yard back!  The garden is still standing empty and the chicken coop is mocking me.  Yard work is never-ending.  But we’re making progress.  Hopefully Ron drank a beer for me yesterday as I was too tired to consume one myself.  Getting out of bed was nearly impossible for the husband and I, our muscle were in the midst of a mutiny.  After several minutes, we prevailed.  Not exactly the relaxing weekend I was looking forward to, but at least it was productive.

Grace is now teaching Adele how to clean her room.  When she’s done, she will excitedly begin reading her new Judy Moody book.  Mama will be knitting and fighting off sleep.  I hope you all had a great weekend.  These parents will be off to bed early.  We ain’t no fools.